Mandala Stone #7

Aquilegia or Columbine

Delicate or fragile
held within nature
often hide
 resilient strength,
particular peacefulness,
seldom seen
anywhere else.

Elizabeth Crawford  6/7/11

Mandala designs created by Marc Bove and his site Le Mandalarbre, may be found here:

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6 Responses to Mandala Stone #7

  1. Oh so beautiful. I especially love “particular peacefulness” – that really resonates. Good one, kiddo!


  2. Renee Espriu says:

    My own yard if full of columbine every year in the borders. It was here when I moved in and I have enjoyed it since. My grandson was trying his best to sniff one for fragrance but they really are lacking that way. He is only three, though, so smelling flowers is a wonderful thing for him. Nicely written.


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