Wordplay #16


Wordplay #16  Paca

pa-ca> burrowing rodent: large burrowing plant-eating rodent
with a large head and brown fur with white spots. Native to rain forests
of South and Central America.

Sometimes thinks she must be relative
to paca, her head over-stuffed with words,
meanings, yet always digging down, exploring
what lies beneath the roots of those things.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/17/11

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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ http://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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10 Responses to Wordplay #16

  1. I love this image! Burrowing down under the roots of things!


  2. You are a paca, and I am a paca, burrow in my studio. Taking one project at a time, overlapping, stacking, burrowing down to see what is really here.


  3. Tilly Bud says:

    Lovely image.


  4. Mary says:

    You sound indeed like you are kin to the paca!


    • 1sojournal says:

      Lol, and a lot of other things, Mary. Think each of us burrows down into something and finds the truth we are all seeking. Thanks for your words,



  5. vivinfrance says:

    I’ve just burrowed into all your wordplay posts, and come up smiling. I love the way everything comes back to poetry in the end.


  6. 1sojournal says:

    Viv, yes it usually does, doesn’t it? Love how that works and thanks for taking a look,



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