Wordplay #14


Wordplay #14  Nabe

nabe – nayb> modern day slang for neighborhood, often used in the plural

Robert Frost tells us that good neighbors
need fences lest they spill, willy-nilly,
into one another’s lives. Due to Internet,
the world is fast becoming my nabe,
and I am spilling my words into strange
and exotic places.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/15/11


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4 Responses to Wordplay #14

  1. Isnt that the coolest feeling?


  2. Virginia Wolf also tells us of the need of a place of our own, and in the Yellow Wallpaper, the need of one’s own space in the nabe. A place we can do what we want, say what we want, even to know what we want…the internet makes it easy, one can’t see the shocked look on the listening faces. I swim in your words, and am glad you claim your own space. You walk in beauty, a place created by your own words.


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