Wordplay #13


Wordplay #13  Macerate

mac-er-ate> 1. soften by soaking; 2. separate by soaking, to make
something break up into pieces or into its various parts by soaking it
in liquid; 3. reduce or waste away, especially by starvation or fasting

Sometimes thinks her head is no more
than huge pot filled with waters of life,
where words constantly macerate,
sorting themselves into usable,
or not so great, and maybe needing
to be discarded.

Elizabeth Crawford 5/14/11


About 1sojournal

Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ http://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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6 Responses to Wordplay #13

  1. Sometimes words speak of things that are so hard, they must be macerated before we can take them in. Nice choice of words for the day.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Annell, I’d never heard the word before and liked how it felt on my tongue. Then heard someone use it on tv during a cooking show, just hours after posting it here. Also like the way you used it. Thanks,



  2. Yes. My head definitely feels like that today:)


  3. versebender says:

    Love this new word in my vocabulary. Wish I could macerate the usable from the not so great. Enjoy your site. Vb


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