Wordplay #10


Wordplay #10 Jardiniére

jar-di-niére> large, usually decorative flower pot
or other holder for plants.

Nephew has a large extended patio in his backyard.
In one corner, there are three jardiniéres, filled with
lush dark greenery, each one a different size, but all
in muted tones of yellow-gold and brown. They are
backed by weathered wood trellis and create a calm
quiet corner from which to gaze out at birds and a
wealth of other blossom filled hanging pots. Perfect
place for relaxed contemplation, or deep conversation.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/11/11
Notes: Daily new word, defined, then used in a sentence or brief verse. Today you get a paragraph. You are welcome to play along, either in the comments section, or by leaving your blog URL so we can come see what you have created.


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4 Responses to Wordplay #10

  1. I have several jardinieres in my court, but they are each empty, because of the “brown thumb.” Not much of a gardener, just don’t have time, but I like the jardinieres anyway.


  2. This makes me think of a beautiful Mayan fountain I am going to have on my new porch – a series of three bowls – the top one trickles water to the second one, and the bottom one will be filled with plants. SO beautiful. A jardiniere, apparently:)


  3. 1sojournal says:

    Sherry, that sounds absolutely wonderful, I envy you,



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