Wordplay #6


Wordplay #6  Fain

Fain > happily: with gladness or eagerness
willing or eager to do something
compelled: forced by an obligation or circumstance to do something.

Her obvious relish in playing with words
could be seen as fain, although some might
say her single-minded focus to begin
was grievous sin, insane, because they
have no real desire to do the same.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/7/11

Notes: Choosing a new word each day, finding its definition and then using it in a sentence or brief verse. You are welcome to play along, either here in the comments section, or at your own site. Please leave your URL so we can come and read what you have created.


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6 Responses to Wordplay #6

  1. My happiness at reading your piece, first thing this morning is fain. Wishing you fain.


  2. versebender says:

    Enjoyed browsing through your blog. Love wordplay myself…and agree…those who don’t enjoy think those who do are nuts! See you next time. Vb


  3. pamelasayers says:

    Elizabeth, I love what you did with this word. I am writing a Mother’s day poem and I would like to borrow a few of your six day words, to add to my piece, if you don’t mind. A wordle of sorts 🙂



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