Wordplay #5


Wordplay #5  Ecbolic

ec-bol-ic > promoting labor by increasing uterine contractions.

Days when wallowing in melancholic throws
of repetitive revision, the poet yearns
for ecbolic tincture that would quicken
delivery from her Muse.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/6/11

Note: finding new words to play with, each day. Using them in a sentence or bit of verse. You are welcome to play along, either here in the comment section, or on your own site. Leave your URL so we can come and take a look.


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2 Responses to Wordplay #5

  1. brenda w says:

    I love your piece, Elizabeth, and if that tincture becomes available, I’m in!
    I combined ecbolic with the Writer’s Island prompt. That post is here:
    Thanks for these words. It will keep me going. They are a bit of a tincture themselves!


  2. 1sojournal says:

    I agree, the word tincture came out of ecbolic somehow. New words, new avenues of thought. Like that a lot. And really liked how you made the word work for you and your delightful poem,



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