Wordplay #3


Wordplay #3  Cachinnate

Cach-in-nate >to laugh hard: to laugh convulsively and loudly (literary)

Her cachinnated cackle made hackles rise,
rankling shackled men in near by room,
who tackled their guards in desperation
to flee, like grackles bursting from perches
in branches of withering trees.

Elizabeth Crawford  5/4/11

Notes: Playing with new words and their definitions. Using them to create sentences or brief verses. You are welcome to play along in the comment section below, either using the word I have chosen or one of your own.


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12 Responses to Wordplay #3

  1. What a fun piece!


  2. I so love this, both word and poem. Especially “like grackles bursting from perches”. Plus you know how I love to cackle. I might try this word out!


  3. pamelasayers says:

    Wow, I love this, Elizabeth. I’ll try to get round to doing this word, if not on another day.



  4. brenda w says:

    I can see the grackles rising
    a dark rush against sky.

    I did the first three, Elizabeth. Yay!
    WordPlay 1-3


  5. vivinfrance says:

    Elizabeth you are a marvel. Straight from the marathon that was April, you start a brilliant new theme. Where did you find that gorgeous word?


    • 1sojournal says:

      In the Dictionary of course, lol. Felt like I had used up my list of words in April and that it might be a good time to refresh and refuel. Besides, just finished reading A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, and in it she creates a character who does this finding a new word each day. The words are the titles of the chapters. It is a fascinating read. Thanks Viv,



  6. lucychili says:

    yes the flapping response
    is powerful


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