Journey Stone #90 and Final One


Journey Stone #90  Illumination

Light. Bringing light into dark
place or space, allowing one
to see and know what has been
hidden. Defining what might
have only been shadows.

I write for illumination. My
words are the switch that turns
on my inner light. That in turn,
brings light into my finite human
existence. One word, one day
at a time.

Elizabeth Crawford 5/1/11

Note: This is the last Journey Stone for now. May come back to them and do it again. For now, I want to look up and explore some new words, perhaps in a very similar fashion, detailing a bit of history about the word and trying to use it in a sentence. I challenge you to do the same. Please feel free to use the comment section below to illuminate your own sentence. Thanks.


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12 Responses to Journey Stone #90 and Final One

  1. Tilly Bud says:

    Lovely way to finish your journey.


  2. jinksy says:

    grows from the core of being
    to light the whole world
    when understanding is used
    to switch on the radiance.

    A Tanka for May Day.:)


  3. Deb Scott says:

    Beautiful, Elizabeth. I’m sorry I missed so much of your word journey. Now that April is May I hope to have time to come back and discover. 🙂

    O if I could illuminate a manuscript as did the scribing monks, glittering the page with icons to levitate meaning.


  4. I love the way you recognize your light! So beautiful!


  5. Mary says:

    I write for illumination too. I find out what I think and / or feel when I write!


  6. Wonderful. I especially love your final stanza. Great writing, Elizabeth!


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