Journey Stone #83

Journey Stone #83  Sensitivity

Inner awareness that informs
outer experience, bringing
a depth of understanding that
might not be available to others.

Finely tuned instrument of
knowing without knowing  how
one knows. Some might call
it an aspect of intuition, but
intuition has no value unless
it is trusted,
listened to,
and allowed to
express its knowledge
in actions.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/24/11


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6 Responses to Journey Stone #83

  1. I especially like the first part, allows your words to stand unexplained. And I loved the first line of the second part, perfect!


  2. I love that “knowing without knowing.” Hummmmm could be the beginning of another write.


  3. So true……trusting intuition, that really speaks to me. I need to do that right now.


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