Journey Stone #78


Journey Stone #78  Motion

Movement. Opposite of stillness.
Too much will eventually cause
the same. Necessary for life to
continue, but can be mistaken
for true action, and used as avoidance.

Reminds us of the need to find
healthy balance between mind
and body, but calls for a distinct
discipline that, for some, is
difficult to find.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/19/11


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4 Responses to Journey Stone #78

  1. Yes, especially me right now! Good stone, Elizabeth.


  2. David King says:

    These get better and better – or the effect is cumulative. Either way, they make for great posts.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you David, I made the stones years ago for in my classroom. Am thinking of a change when I hit #90, although I have to agree, I really like these brief posts and the synchronicity often involved with them.



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