Journey Stone #77


Journey Stone #77  Goodness

Like beauty, in the eye,
or definition, of the beholder.
Each of us walks our own
individual path. We define
ourselves and our doings
in accordance with our
belief systems.

My personal definition?
Walking my path as I find
it. Doing the best I am able,
while doing the least amount
of harm, and helping when
and where the need arises.

What is your definition?

Elizabeth Crawford  4/18/11

Note: My younger sister is in the hospital undergoing open heart surgery. Prayers and postive thoughts would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.


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6 Responses to Journey Stone #77

  1. I love your definition, Elizabeth. You walk your path so beautifully. Am thinking of you and your sister today – all day. Keep us posted.


  2. One could ask no more. Love the post!


  3. David King says:

    To side with beauty and/or goodness wherever they are found.
    (I made a typo, put goddness for goodness. maybe I should have left it.)


    • 1sojournal says:

      That is where the word comes from and I certainly would have understood. It kept happening to me as well, and I too, thought I might leave it. Thank you David, for your thoughts and comments,



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