Journey Stone #76


Journey Stone #76  Inspiration

In the ancient world, to create
literally meant to breathe life into.
The word breath finds its origins
in the word spire. Thus breathing
in actually means inspire.

But, breath pulled in, must be
exhaled to make room for another
breath. To exhale is to express
what has been inspired. To be
inspired one must breathe in
life and then express that life
in whatever form one chooses.

We breathe to make more life.
The same can be said of

Elizabeth Crawford  4/17/11


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8 Responses to Journey Stone #76

  1. Very nicely said! And it is the thing we share, breath. I breath the air, you breath. I love this! This morning I breath.


  2. Fantastically said. Makes me think. And breathe:)


  3. Mary says:

    Breathing in, breathing out….such is the rhythm of life, Elizabeth.


  4. David King says:

    Breathe on me breath of life, to be sure!


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