Journey Stone #73


Journey Stone #73  Breaking Silence

Expressing what has been taboo,
never to be mentioned. Not
necessarily in words, but
finding a path that allows
one to express what actually
lives behind that silence.

Confronting fear of stepping
beyond whatever rules have kept
that in the shadows, always
lurking, refusing exposure.

Another definition for Creativity,
or Writing.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/14/11


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4 Responses to Journey Stone #73

  1. You are the smartest girl in class! I love this. It’s not easy to be shocking, or even eyebrow raising. I’ve always found it’s just being myself…..but you say it so well,
    expressing what has been taboo. Let us tell it all, tell it well, and forever shed the taboos!


    • 1sojournal says:

      Annell, so many times those taboos are formed in childhood, then kept in silence into adulthood. To free them, we must free the child within, let her express whatever needs to be said, and by doing so, freeing both of us. Thanks for understanding,



  2. Well said, Elizabeth. One has to break the silence to heal and honor one’s own truth. Hard to do in families, sometimes.


  3. 1sojournal says:

    Sherry, that’s because it is in families where we learn those taboos. And yes, those are the hardest ones to heal. Thanks so much for being here and being you,



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