Journey Stone #61


Journey Stone #61 Ego

Conscious me, aware
of outer reality. Separate
from you, and all others
in world around me.

Healthy balance of self-esteem
tempered by knowledge that
overweening pride will cause
me to fall flat on my face.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/2/11



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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here:
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8 Responses to Journey Stone #61

  1. A good reminder for the day after April Fool’s day. Pride before the fall….yes the universe has a way of fitting us back into our proper place.


  2. Given my dementia, my ego doesnt have much chance to swell, hee hee. Love this stone, Elizabeth.


  3. earlybird says:

    happy to add ‘overweening’ to my vocabulary. I haven’t consciously heard it before.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you Earlybird. I am always surprised when words creep in without my permission. It means I have to go look them up and make sure I’m saying exactly what I mean. But, it’s also fun.



  4. Ron. says:

    More than many faults, hubris inevitably extracts a heavy toll. Well told (no pun intended.)


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