Journey Stone #60


Journey Stone #60  Patience

A very wise woman once
told me never to pray
for patience because
what I would get was
simply more opportunities
to learn how to be patient.

Life is already a natural
conduit for such learning
experience. It is learned
like everything else: one
moment, experience
at a time. We need only
to take a deep breath,
and remind ourselves.

Elizabeth Crawford  4/1/11


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11 Responses to Journey Stone #60

  1. So true. I love your stones, Elizabeth.


  2. Kim Nelson says:

    Ah, Elizabeth, you expose a familiar touchstone for me. When my three children were teens, I prayed for patience. I knew this was one of the big lessons I was born here to learn. I worked it, worked it, worked it. And I learned what I needed to learn. Then, of course, I had the opportunity to discover the next lesson plan!


  3. That’s right, square your shoulders, take a deep breath and go forward…


  4. Yes, I’ve been told that and said the same thing to others. This one made me take a deep sigh. :0)


    • 1sojournal says:

      I remember when it was said to me, even though it was over forty years ago. How shocked I was, and then the laughter I created when I saw the sense of it all. Thanks for stopping in,



  5. Mary says:

    Well, I guess I will never pray for patience, LOL.
    Don’t need any more opportunities!


    • 1sojournal says:

      Mary, it was a Catholic nun who told me this. Perhaps that is why I remember it so well. I can still see the gentle smile on her face as she said it. Her eyes were twinkling. She was so right,



  6. earlybird says:

    I love the first verse and I have just read your reply to Mary. What a precious meeting.


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