Journey Stone #59


Journey Stone #59  Stress

Too much of anything:
people, work, demands,
needs, wants. Each pulls
on emotions and energy,
making for dis-ease, definite
low-grade something is wrong feeling.

Signal: it is time to step back,
remember to breathe.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/31/11



April is National Poetry Month. I will be doing the NaPoWriMo challenge of writing one poem a day through the entire month. You can find those poems at   With the poems, I will be attempting to create a Soul Journey, using The Soul Cards for inspiration. The cards are created by Deborah Koff-Chapin and may be found here:

Deborah has graciously given me permission to use her images for this project. She uses a technique she created, called Touch Drawing and facilitates workshops where she shares her expertise and explains how Touch Drawing is a healing, creative, experience. Her Home/Main page can be found here:

 On her site, the viewer is invited to use the Soul Card images to make and send E-cards.

Note: Given the word/stone I blindly pulled today, I hope you will understand if I do not make it here on a daily basis through the coming month. Thanks for understanding,


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2 Responses to Journey Stone #59

  1. Yes, time to step back and remember to breathe. I love your stones, Elizabeth and look forward also to the soul card prompts………enjoy every single moment of April. We have waited a long time for it to arrive:)Is your snow gone yet?


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Sherry, not all of it, but was outside today and wearing just a sweater jacket. It was too warm, lol. I am looking forward to the month of April, my birthday, among other things. Thanks for all of your encouragement. I really like the stones as well,



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