Journey Stone #53


Journey Stone #53  Healing Process

Festering wound from the past
that must be lanced to release
infection that has accumulated.

Cleansed and washed it must
then be allowed to be open
to the sun, the light and heat
that will mend it. Might leave
a scar, to honor that  injured

Different, tougher than tender
skin that surrounds it, bringing
strength to those once 
broken places.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/25/11


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4 Responses to Journey Stone #53

  1. This sounds very good. The old wounds must be mended, tended to, and what will come will be different, tougher, but will make everything whole, that was once in pieces.


  2. Wise words, Elizabeth, from a poet who has walked the path and done the work of healing.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Sherry, thank you. I sometimes think that poetry is an express lane on the interstate aimed at a town called Healing.

      Did you see the continued conversation from yesterday’s stone?



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