Journey Stone #52


Journey Stone #52  Anger

Natural flow of energy which arises
when an individual is (feels) threatened.
Originally meant as the fuel needed
to accomplish self-preservation,
the immediate juice to either fight
or flee. Calls for action, release. Actually
can demand it. It is up to the person
to choose whether or not the action
will be destructive or creatively
constructive in nature. Writing a poem,
painting a picture, is always better
than hitting someone over the head.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/24/11

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6 Responses to Journey Stone #52

  1. UglyOldWitch says:

    “Always” is such a harsh, broad-spectrum word. Besides, as a non-athletic individual, just WHAT will I do with this baseball bat?


    • 1sojournal says:

      Oh Peg, am laughing my ass off. Not good to do to an arthritic old woman. But, I do have an answer to your inquirey. Ask Sandy for instructions and then carve me a cane from that bat. All the animals, you know? A falcon, bear, pine martin, mountain lion, Great Blue Heron, tiger, rabbit, dragon (male and female), a racoon, deer, fox, and don’t forget the cardinal. A Dragon fly on the butt end of the handle, a spider, and a butterfly would not be remiss.

      Hey, you could collage it with Hodge-Podge, oh please, please, please. I’d like the hand carved one, but you are so good with the collage. In the spaces between the images, you could write a few really nice words about your old teacher who still thinks you are one of the best.

      Love and mucho hugs lady,



  2. Hee hee. I love the name Uglyoldwitch. I may have to investigate further! (Cackle!) I dont have a baseball bat, but have been known to brandish my cane, on occasion, hee hee. (Ahem, behave, Self!) The stone is wonderful, Elizabeth. And I had a lot of fun with the comment section, sitting here all by myself:)


  3. 1sojournal says:

    Sherry, sit back, close your eyes, and imagine her in a classroom you are teaching. It was never, never dull, lol. Glad you enjoyed,



  4. UglyOldWitch says:

    Hey. Just cuz I’m angry, doesn’t mean I can’t hear you two!

    There are some things I can’t always fix with collage and paste together with words. I’m trying this week, but the result is a pile of whining that resembles dirty March snow and this incredible urge to swing that bat. Maybe today I should write an angry bat poem…

    And Elizabeth, as I try to teach here and there, I can’t IMAGINE having myself for a student. You are a patient saint of a teacher. 🙂


  5. 1sojournal says:

    Peg, an angry bat poem sounds just about right, or you could run out and play in that melting March snow, you know make some tiny little boats out of toothpicks and white paper. Have an online friend in France who has a blog she uses for ranting and I believe she calls it the Miserable Old Bat’s Blog, lol.

    And Peg, you kept me on my toes, were an incredible source of inspiration, laughter, and learning. That ain’t bad stuff, ever,



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