Journey Stone #48


Journey Stone #48  Vision

Clear image of task, or goal,
not yet begun. If you can see
it, it is possible. The difficulty
lies in deciding if it is worth
the doing. Something might
be gained, but other things
may be lost. Choice must
always include counting
the cost.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/20/11


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4 Responses to Journey Stone #48

  1. Yes indeed. But it’s usually worth the cost, in the end:)


  2. The creative process: 1. inspiration 2.incubation 3. execution 4. judgement

    We have to keep things in their proper order. This is why an artist’s pencil has no erasure. We can’t get inspiration and then try judgement. We would never accomplish anything. You must go through the process. After all you really don’t know what you will accomplish. Go girl!


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