Journey Stone #43


Journey Stone #43  Strength

Could also be defined as Spirit.
Inner muscle to undertake
and bring task at hand
to its ultimate completion.
Do you own it?
Have you honed it?
The only way to know that
is to begin.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/15/11

Note: For an unspecified time, I will be working on an outside project. I will continue to do these daily stones. However, due to time and energy constraints, I will respond to comments here on the site, but will refrain from making reciprocal visits to other sites. I will do that as I can, but there are no guarantees. My apologies are hereby extended ahead of time. Elizabeth

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2 Responses to Journey Stone #43

  1. I wish you wonderful progress with your project, Elizabeth, and admire your ability to focus on the task at hand. May it all go well! I know it will.


  2. earlybird says:

    ‘The only way to know that
    is to begin.’

    Yes, indeed.

    hope the project goes well


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