Journey Stone #37


Journey Stone #37  Humility

Simple moment by moment
awareness that no matter
the riches accrued, be they
material, knowledge and wisdom,
or relationship, at core we are
all human, prone to make
mistakes and learn from them.

Best advice ever given:
Your only task is to use
all of your energies to become
a good human being before
you die.

Elizabeth Crawford  3/9/11


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6 Responses to Journey Stone #37

  1. Whoa! I love this one. Such good advice, such a huge truth. We forget this, sometimes. Thanks for reminding me, especially this morning!


  2. Kim Nelson says:

    Absolutely! Words of wisdom, there.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you Kim. I wasn’t consciously reaching for wisdom, so much as brevity. I am really liking what is coming out of this journey stone adventure,



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