Journey Stone #28


Journey Stone #28  Rebirth

Shedding skin of old life.
Stepping across a threshold.
Cracking the shell of limitations.
New beginning, fresh awareness.
Quickening. Inhalation.
Starting a new page.
Opening a closed door.
Unlocking the box.
Freedom to begin, again.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/28/11

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4 Responses to Journey Stone #28

  1. Awesome. I can feel the energy, the determination, the resolve………I love “stepping across a threshold.”


    • 1sojournal says:

      Sherry, as I work through these stones, find my own definitions, see how they have changed over the years, I am also, quite unaware, clearing my own path for rebirth and new beginnings. Love it when that happens,



  2. Kim Nelson says:

    I often write about beginning again, starting over, looking at things through new lenses, rebirth. Your piece struck a chord with me. Feels elemental and tight. Nothing extra, everything right.


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