Journey Stone #21 and Journal Writing Prompts


Journey Stone #21  Universe

Another word for the Divine
that surrounds me, supports
and nurtures me, yet dwells
within me. Awesome mystery
of being but a tiny piece, yet
the abode of its wholeness.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/21/11


Journal Writing Prompts

I have decided to continue with the Journey Stones, and to use them as a daily journal writing prompt. They are working well for me and I hope for you. For now, they will take the place of further prompts. Use the word, define it for yourself, in your own words, then use that definition to explore your own individual experience. I will continue to offer my own thoughts on each word. You may use that as a beginning place or argue with it. The choice is always yours. Questions and comments are always welcomed. Or leave your URL, so I can see and read where your journey is taking you. Whatever you do, enjoy and keep writing.



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5 Responses to Journey Stone #21 and Journal Writing Prompts

  1. “Being a tiny piece, but the abode of its wholeness.” Awesome, Elizabeth. I said something similar in Toads this morning:) We’re on the same wavelength.


  2. Very nice! I like it in tiny piece, or abode of wholeness….


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you Annell, I am always surprised when that awareness moves in on me. That’s why I call it an awesome mystery, internally understood, externally hard to put into words.



  3. vivinfrance says:

    This sounds like a total raison d’être. I will have a ponder on the universe – feeling frazzled just now.


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