Journey Stone #19


Journey Stone #19 Creativity

Magic of making something
from nothing, using that which
lives within the soul. Bits
and pieces of personal truth,
like jig-saw puzzle moments
coming together, sliding smoothly
one into another, locking in place
another part of individual picture
that is you, moving toward

Elizabeth Crawford  2/19/11

*Yes, I skipped a day. Went on a short road trip to visit my two youngest daughters and their daughters. Needed that break.

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6 Responses to Journey Stone #19

  1. Alchemy, put it in the bowl, mix and stir, without attachment to outcome. That is the magic. See what the “whole” looks like? Nice stone!


  2. “Moving towards wholeness”…….that resonates with me – the eternal journey, which doesnt end until….the end.


  3. 1sojournal says:

    And the end is always another beginning. Glad you found resonance here and thanks for your support and encouragement,



  4. UglyOldWitch says:

    These are the words I needed to hear today. (a day late, apparently!) I am “attached to outcome” far, far too much right now… “attached” involves chains and padlocks.

    How does that happen?



  5. 1sojournal says:

    Lol, Peg, I don’t know how that happens, but the secret may lie in the fact that you hold the key to all those padlocks and chains. I just went through this issue very recently. Didn’t even see myself leaping for an outcome, deciding what it had to be, and getting blasted when it didn’t come to pass. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and it actually calms the nerves, after all the hurt pride, and rage have hollowed out a place for the calmness to enter. At least, now I know why I did the leaping and assuming that got me there.

    We want certain things and then persuade ourselves that what we want is what we need, and the need becomes the outcome necessary to us. That’s one opinion, but ultimately we set ourselves up and that’s a whole nother essay, lol.

    Thanks for checking in,



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