Journey Stone #13


Journey Stone #13  Whisper

Softly spoken, forcing listener
to lean in to listen, stretch
herself toward understanding
what might otherwise
be missed in daily noise
of living.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/13/11

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14 Responses to Journey Stone #13

  1. Libby says:

    What a lovely image, so intimate and focused. Great.


  2. Yes, it requires one to be aware. Lovely post.


  3. Beautiful. And what a lovely image of the journey stones:)


  4. It is about awareness? A broad awareness with selective focus, perhaps.


  5. earlybird says:

    I love the idea of the attentive listener being able to hear the whisper over ‘the daily noise/of livng.’ A soft voice is often much more effective than a shout.


  6. David King says:

    Lovely. Everything a verse should be!


  7. lifeunderacarolinamoon says:

    Love this! Sorry we have not talked lately! I am good and hope you are!! Facebook me! Libby Lewis Compton!!


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