Journey Stone #12


Journey Stone #12  Talisman

Touchstone. An object: stone,
feather, picture, etc. that carries
energy of memory and experience,
meant to inspire deeper awareness
of personal truth,
a spiritual connection.
Journey Stones are talismans.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/12/11


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2 Responses to Journey Stone #12

  1. Love it, Elizabeth! I have always collected stones, pocketsful of them from the beach! For a time, I kept finding heart-shaped stones. But that stopped.


    • 1sojournal says:

      I do the same with feathers, stones, and used to go to the beach and collect pieces of smoothed glass and keep them in a clear glass vase. Sometimes used them for stories and such. They are all talismans, all with separate and individual meanings. Thanks Sherry,



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