Journey Stone #6


Journey Stone # 6  Shadow

That which hides within darkness,
the unknown, and gives rise to primary
reason for switching on the light
of continued self-exploration.

Elizabeth Crawford  2/6/11


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5 Responses to Journey Stone #6

  1. Oh, this is deeply wise, fellow Wolf-Woman:)

    Thanks for that one, Sherry,



  2. I am re-reading the Woman Who Runs with Wolves, it was time. Like the onion, with it’s many layers we are no different.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thanks Annell, I was busy listening to her exploration concerning The Red Shoes. Fascinating stuff and it confirmed a great deal for me. And yes, we live in layers of knowing and must explore each and every one of them,



  3. woih says:

    this is an amazin insight write. into the unknown. Thank you


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