Stone #19 aros


For A River of Stones

Much knowledge comes slowly,
one small step at a time,
while other knowledge comes
in one swift slashing moment
of enlightenment.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/19/11


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8 Responses to Stone #19 aros

  1. Oh this is so cool – and so true.


  2. What you knew all along…for we all know at some level. Hope today is a bright gift, so happy you are alive, still kicking, dancing, and writing. It goes without saying, there are some things in life that are not pretty. Step away from the frog, look away. Gather unto youself, all that is bright and beautiful — all that makes you happy –leave the rest for someone else to care for –it probably doesn’t belong to you anyway. Hope you will say, it’s a good day, today. Remember, good things come to those who wait…..


  3. Even fifty years….


  4. And maybe some bad things, too….


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