Stone #17 aros and Journal Writing Prompt #13

For A River of Stones

With a few waves of my wand,
the car appeared from beneath
three inches of snow. Better yet,
it started on the first try.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/17/11


Journal Writing Prompt # 13

Being human means that each of us is capable of experiencing the full and rich spectrum of human emotions. People do not often understand that writing about that reality can, and does, honor it, sometimes allowing us to heal wounds and find different solutions. There are certain things that we simply don’t allow ourselves to write about. The taboo subjects, if you will.

I find that the longer, and more, that I write, the more often the words themselves lead me to just those topics, those places I don’t want to be. Don’t get scared, I’m not going to ask that you bear your soul. But, what I am going to ask you to do is write about the last time you were angry (really angry), or the last time you cried (not just felt a bit of moisture beneath your eyelids). Write out the details of what led up to that experience, how it all felt, and if and how you found some element of peace afterward.

Journal writing is all about getting clear, solving and resolving those things that repeatedly occur that might otherwise block our forward progress because they stay unnamed, unknown, compartmentalized, somewhere in the shadows. And because they remain in the shadows, sometimes actually become the shadows.  They can block our ability to see clearly, thus our attempts to grow and evolve into whatever we have the potential of becoming.

However, that doesn’t happen over night, not in one session of writing one page. It takes practice. And that is what your journal and your personal writing is for and about. So this week’s prompt is to begin that practice. It will clear the air on some level. Write in as much detail as you can. And include what you hoped would be the outcome, but wasn’t. That opens the door to other possibilities and may even change the end of the story.

Because this is personal writing, the choice is yours, whether to share it or not. And this one most definitely might be one that you prefer to keep private or personal, as far as sharing goes. You are welcome to use the comments section to ask questions or to share whatever portion you choose to share, or leave your URL, so that others might read what you have written.

Good luck, and write.


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  1. Beautiful little stone, the car appeared and it started! Yea!


  2. 1sojournal says:

    In my head, once I was back inside and nice and warm, it all seemed a bit like magic, lol.



  3. vivinfrance says:

    Your prompt made me think this time – the results of which are really too private to share. But my small stone today is a succinct summary of my thoughts!


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