Stone #6 aros


For A River of Stones

Local Television News Clip

Watcher counted nineteen of them,
perched in a tree, overhanging ice
and water at mouth of river. Several
soaring, huge wings spread, while others
fished for Chad in icy waters.
Bald Eagles, once endangered species,
symbol of Spirit and Freedom,
bring fresh hope on whisperof wings,
right here at home.

Elizabeth Crawford  1/6/11

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4 Responses to Stone #6 aros

  1. Nice stone! Wonderful to contemplate, but the death of so many birds in the last few days, is a worry. Red wing black birds are one of my favorites. When I began to read your stone, I was afraid, it would end like the other stories of the deaths of so many. But no, it is one of the good stories, of which there are too few.


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Actually thought a lot about doing one on the red winged blackbirds (one of my favorites as well)yesterday and it just got so down that I moved to something else. I think that was one of the reasons I was so fascinated by the come back of the eagles story. Their usual habitat is over 100 miles southwest of here, so it’s unusual to sight so many around here. Am hoping to go out later and take my camera with me.



  3. ooooh, I hope you get a photo! A lovely poem with its vision of so many of the great birds in one spot. I have seen that a time or two. And once, I stepped out onto a wooden platform, concentrating on the way the light was refracting through the clouds and took my last shot (film back then). At the sound of the click there was a great ruffling of huge wings – turned out a huge eagle was sitting on the railing to my left not five feet from me. What a shot I WOULD have had, had I been aware. I hung around for ages, hoping he would come back and do it again but no luck:) Beautiful poem, Elizabeth.


  4. 1sojournal says:

    Lol, gonna go you one better. Did get out to the mouth of the river, even saw the eagles, but temp was dropping fast, so took a few shots, fingerss crossed but knew they were too distant. Walked back to car and turned to see a bald eagle flying toward me, wings spread, beautiful white head, clicked on the camera, still clutched in my fist, brought it up and the screen said, “Battery exhausted.” And watched that gorgeous bird fly over my head and into the distance.

    Had to laugh out loud, thought of Mary and our comments about black dots in blue skies, and you with no film. I have now joined the club, officially, lol.



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