Journal Writing Prompt #3


This is week three. Last week, I asked you to make a list of all the things you are, or have been interested in, putting them into descending categories ranging from Really Very Interested to No Longer Interested At All. I’d like you to choose one interest from each category and flesh it out. What first got you interested? What kept the interest alive? Has the interest flagged or faltered in some manner, and why? What made you stay with it, or walk away? What are your feelings about all of that? Please make sure you do at least one interest from the least important ones on your list. We can learn a great deal from what we let go of, versus what we keep.

The next part of the prompt will take about ten or fifteen minutes of your time. It should be done with paper and pen, or pencil, whichever you prefer. Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be distracted. You will need two pieces of paper, one to write on, the other to take notes. On the first piece of paper, count, and write down the side of the paper the numbers 1 through ten.

When you are relaxed and ready, write out this statement ten times:

I am a good and capable writer.

As you write those words, ten times, listen to the voices in your head and make notes of what they are saying, on the other piece of paper. When you are done, put both pieces of paper away somewhere that you can retrieve them easily. We will work with these next week.

Have fun and write. If you have comments or questions, please put them in the comments section below. If you find you have written something you’d like to share, do so here, or put it up on your blog and come back here and leave your URL so those of us who can, are able to read it. Thanks for taking part.


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8 Responses to Journal Writing Prompt #3

  1. Mary says:

    Thinking about these things, Elizabeth. You are a good ‘teacher.’


    • 1sojournal says:

      Thank you Mary. Music to the ears of an old woman who misses what she used to do. But, don’t just think about them. Jot down notes, scribble, whatever. Make those things noteworthy. You might surprise yourself,



  2. vivinfrance says:

    Lists of interests and objects of curiosity for Elizabeth’s Journaling 3 prompt:


    Music – a constant strand of gold throughout my life. Actively playing piano, clarinet and singing until relatively recently, now passively, listening. Other instruments dabbled in as the opportunity arose. A brief foray into running a scratch orchestra at home. More or less permanent addiction to singing in choirs, and in amateur operatics.

    Reading – anything and everything, from the moment I was able. Still a part of every day.

    Writing – relatively recent, but unlikely to diminish. I’m either doing it or thinking about it.

    Quilting – a 20-year development from a lifelong habit of sewing, knitting, crochet. Again, a part of every day. Much of the time it allows me to listen to music, or think about poetry and other writing projects, or both.

    Computering – I say this reluctantly – a great part of every day is spent at the computer, but this is mostly in furtherance of the really hot topics. I suppose the real interest here is in communicating with people.

    Family, food, cooking and home-making, – another constant from the word go.

    Making things in general – woodworking once an absorbing hobby, restoring old furniture, antiques.

    Art – drawing, painting, designing, doing and looking at – a lot of this now subsumed into quilting. The enjoyment remains.

    Sport – in my youth I tried most sports, with tennis, squash, table-tennis, horse-riding, golf and hill-walking and walking city streets looking at buildings of predominant interest. No longer physically capable, the interest remains.

    Gardens, flowers, nature: once hot and active, now passive in my enjoyment.

    Making things in general – woodworking once an absorbing hobby, restoring old furniture, antiques.

    No longer interested:

    I can’t think of anything much – I was into politics for a while, but now loathe it.
    Most of my curiosity and interests have been a permanent part of my life.

    Part 2 of this prompt really does not appeal. I will have to feel very virtuous even to attempt it!


    • 1sojournal says:

      Oh Viv, that last statement made me laugh out loud. You are already doing that part of the prompt, the one on the extra sheet of paper. You are listening to the voices in your head. Write it down. Then you will be half done with the chore.

      Your lists are so interesting, how they dovetail, one into another, changing with your present state and ability. There is a wholeness there, a life well lived and explored. Fantastic.



  3. Mary says:

    Interesting answers to the question, Viv. I can / will write more in detail for myself(I’ve had so many interests over the years) but right now I would say a few major interests are writing (no surprise) and physical activity (walking outside as much as possible / treadmill if not possible). This was the first year in a while I didn’t walk / run a half marathon. I strive to read, but so seldom find the time. And enjoying grandchildren is a high priority.


  4. 1sojournal says:

    Mary, I’m with you, writing is a priority on my list as well. And only wish I could walk any amount of distance each day. Reading is another top priority with me. I used to think I would like to learn about rock formation and the names of different kinds of stones. Took a geology class and only lasted one week. It was not something that actually held my attention, too much science (facts and details). thanks for dropping by,



  5. vivinfrance says:

    I had a go at working out why I had lost interest in one of the items on m list:

    I was into politics for a while, but now loathe it.

    If I’m honest, my early interest was in order to make new friends when my parents had moved us to a completely new area. I joined two groups – the Am Dram group which was great fun, and I made lifelong friends there. The second group was the Young Conservatives, which my Mum thought would be a “better class of people”! Well, the tennis evenings were good, and I really enjoyed the excitement of electioneering when our candidate won with a majority of 54 after a recount, and that in a traditionally ultra left-wing area. Life moved on from there and my political interest became intermittent.

    My years in the Seychelles revived it somewhat. A Marxist dictatorship when we arrived, the period of our stay coincided with a move towards multi-party politics. I hesitate to say democracy, because the dictatorship managed to manipulate the system to its own continuance, by allowing so many parties to be established that they cancelled one another out completely!

    Gradually, over recent years, I have become decidedly ANTI-politics, for many reasons, the main one being the self-serving venality of politicians of whatever persuasion. Last year’s expenses scandals put the tin lid on any respect I may once have had for the system of government, despite having worked with some good and honest statesmen during my time as press officer for an important industry association. In the current crop, I see no-one worthy to lick the boots of some of the giants I have known. Liars and politicians could be termed tautology.


    • 1sojournal says:

      Viv, sorry for being so late to respond. I was just finishing reading it when I got called away and then thought I had already commented. I have been anti-politico for many years. My older sister ran for an office several years ago, and even then I just couldn’t, wouldn’t get dragged into it. And she found out the hard way that politicians play dirty and nasty. Maybe good that she found that out on the first run. But, it was devastating to watch, none the less. Thanks for sharing this one, it made me think of some other things that I have lost interest in and why that happened. Good piece of writing,



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