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I’ve had a very busy couple of days. Responding to prompts, visiting and commenting on other people’s responses to the same prompts, and then reading and responding to the comments left on my own sites. I’ve also been out to run errands, visited my daughter and had dinner with her, fielded a few phone calls, and even tried to start reading a DK novel.

That didn’t work out too well. Something is happening on one of my sites. It came about as a result of my response to a prompt from Writer’s Island about The Journey. I thought about the most recent journey I had been on and ended up writing about just that.

It isn’t exactly a conventional journey, but it certainly entails many of the aspects of just such an endeavor. What I did was to walk through the process that takes one from nothing, blank space, through the steps that end up with something in hand. A creative journey, if you like.

I describe the steps in my own journey in writing a poem, and ended the post with the poem itself. And that’s when something began to happen. A very real spontaneous discussion about writing and the process involved in doing this thing of making words.

I think I’ve said this before, but just in case you missed it, what I loved most about college, was what I learned outside of the classroom. Those sessions in the coffee shop, cafeteria, alcoves in the corridor, outside on a bench, or sitting on the ground. Those wonderful give and take conversations between real people. People relaxing and just speaking into whatever arose, sharing their own experiences, trading wise cracks and humor, as well as sadness and an occasional tear.

I’ve missed that terribly. And didn’t realize just how much. But, because of a couple of well placed comments on that blog site, just such a thing is now occurring. So, here it is: Come on over and join in. If you want to talk about writing, any aspect of it, from first words, to numbers of drafts, the process, especially your process, then jump in anytime.

Here’s where it’s happening:


I will warn you though, it might be a good idea to read the post first. It will warm you up. And I’m doing a lot of the talking, because I’m responding to each of the comments as they appear. Got a question? Go for it. Just want to read, that’s great, no problem. If you find you have nothing to say, at least say hi and let me know you at least got the invite. Hope I see you there.



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