Taking A Snow Day


I have been very remiss with my blogs of late, pleading busyness. I’m caring for my Mom, trying to make Christmas gifts, finish up a project I committed myself to, and also trying to maintain some sort of routine that allows me to relax during each day. Then came a blizzard and over fourteen inches of snow, followed by wind chill factors not meant to sustain human existence.

Definite snow day(s) for most of the school aged children in the region. I liked that idea: a totally free day to spend doing something I wouldn’t ordinarily do. So, of course, I made myself a spur of the moment project. I created my second Mandala Gallery and posted it on my poetry site:

Spent several hours browsing through my files, picking out the images I thought were the best. That was far more difficult than I had thought it would be. I’ve been coloring these designs for months and enjoying the process, but never realizing just how many I had accumulated. And the funny part was that some of the ones I had thought didn’t really work, turned out to be quite striking and even satisfying.

Then came the process of placement and naming. I really like these designs and each one says something different to me. Wanted to be sure that they were shown to good advantage and still supported and enhanced the others. And, although they do speak to me, I have some trouble finding appropriate titles for some of them.

Had been thinking of doing this for some time, but was hesitant because I knew it would take time and lots of thought. There is also the reality that each design had to be uploaded and I am definitely not a computer techie. But the fact that it is my second gallery attempt, did ease the process a bit, even though I get a bit squeamish at anything that goes beyond simple word processing.

With only a few minor glitches here and there, I did eventually have it all up and running. Then simply posted an invitation to everyone to have a look/see. Only realized afterward, that it is my Christmas present to anyone who takes the time to respond to that invitation. It is a gift of color and beauty. No small thing when considering that I am far from the only human being running around like a directionless widget in the middle of a blizzard of other things to do.

The amazing part is that my gift was given to me, by me, and even for me. Those hours I spent totally engrossed were, by far, the most satisfying I’ve had in several weeks. It was an incredible break and one that was more needed than I could have imagined. Yes, there were a few moments when I considered the insanity of my own choices, but dismissed that thought and simply plunged into it. And it was far more rewarding than anything else I could have done.

That time altered my person. I came away refreshed and ready to get on with all that other busyness. In fact, shortly after completing the Gallery, I also did two more pieces of that other project I had committed myself to doing and was having many second thoughts about finishing. Actually did start the part of it that I have been avoiding for a month. The part I had pretty much decided was silly, perhaps a bit immature, maybe even inappropriate.

And, as is often par for the course, all that worrying and procrastinating simply fell away once I took that first step. What came after, came with an amazing amount of ease, and even satisfaction. It allowed me to see the project as a whole and that is always very important. I now know that I am into the final phase and headed into the home stretch. That is such a good feeling.

Creativity feeds on creativity. It’s called inspiration. Yesterday, I allowed myself a snow day. A space and time to do what I would normally have not done. In the process, I surrounded myself with bits of color and beauty, my own creativity. Actually allowed myself to get lost inside of it for several hours. It was both healing and inspiring.

My younger sister, who shares in the care-giving for my Mom, is leaving town for a few days. She gifted herself and her daughter with tickets to a musical concert. I could be jealous, I suppose, but instead am glad that she too is allowing herself to have a snow day of her own. She will surround herself with music that will lift her up and perhaps help her get through these next two weeks of hectic Christmas activity. In preparation for that, she did more than her fair share of care-giving and that, in turn, let me have a necessary break and create my own snow day. Not a bad exchange.

My hope in all of this, is that you too will allow yourself a snow day, blizzard or no. Find a way to allow yourself to make a snow angel, some bit of color and beauty that would otherwise not exist. Refresh and refuel, if only for a few hours. Christmas is coming fast, and although that may mean fun and even excitement, it also means hectic activity and a depletion of energy sources. Take the time to gather a few extra ounces of that commodity and feed yourself on some moments of color, music, and beauty. You definitely will not regret it.

And my invitation is extended to you as well. If you have the time, feel free to come and see my current ‘snow angel’. Who knows, it might even inspire you to make one of your own.


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