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When I first stumbled into the concept of a Creativity Closet, I had no real idea of what I might be getting myself into. As I said, in my last post, it was a spontaneous image and I could have just walked away after playing with it for a few minutes. Being me, that would have been difficult to do.

Imagery is symbolic and comes from the sub-conscious and thus, it holds all sorts of clues and messages. For instance, when I first entered that imaginary closet, it was filled with beautiful scarves of every conceivable color and design. Many were silk or silk-like, but others were wool, and even brocade. Scarves are obviously a fashion accessory, but they are also meant to protect the throat and the head from inclement weather.

That suggested, to me, that I needed to find a way to protect both my thoughts and expressions. At the time, I was keeping a journal and also submitting some of my poetry for publication. I had also discovered that my own feelings were often my biggest barrier in moving forward. I call it internal resistance to change, but you might want to define it for yourself in your own terms. We are most often, our own worse judges and enemies.

The closet was small because of my own experience with physical closets. I knew I needed more room to just move around and explore that space. I pushed back the walls to create a very large and open room and added lots and lots of windows for sunlight and access to the outdoors. I discovered two things in the process of doing that. The first one was that idea for the need to protect this space, and the second was that there was another backdoor in that room.

I have already written about the creation of my Personal Mythology. You can find an introduction to that in an earlier blog titled A Tiger Called Pain, and another of my blogs, I had created, in my imagination, doors that allowed me to move in the four main directions: East being spiritual aspects, South for my Inner Child and Emotional Levels, West for the Unknown and Future, and North for the direction of Wisdom and Knowledge. I now asked four of the wild creatures from my Mythology to act as guardians and sentinels at these entrances to my Creativity Closet.

Each of those wild creatures has a name and a specific purpose and they were chosen with all of that in mind. Katherine, a Golden Eagle; Raffi, who was a solitary black Wolf; Tui, an imp of a Dragon with sparkling green and gold scales; and far from last or least, Jacob, an incredibly sensuous black panther. Outside of the windows were a constant flitting of Dragonflies. They are the Guardians and Keepers of the Dreamtime. In my mind, an absolute necessity for continuing creative flow and inspiration.

Once that was all in place, and it only took a few moments, I was free to go and explore what was on the other side of that back door. Another room, wood paneled and with a stone fireplace always lit with dancing flames (symbol of creative fire), several desks with writing tools and art supplies, and walls lined with books, a quasi-bibliophile’s greatest and deepest fantasy. And most important, yet another door to another room.

And so it went, each room led to another and another. Some were filled with hats that reminded me to stay mentally open and inquisitive, another with cooking utensils, and yet another with books that contained mental puzzles. One was filled with paper of different textures and patterns, an endless supply of source materials. Another with maps to all of the places I’d like to travel and visit.

That was thirty years ago and I am still exploring and hope that will never cease. That is what a Creativity Closet is meant to do and be, a constant ongoing source of inspiration, limited only by the imagination of the individual. Which means it can be, and is, limitless. It’s boundaries are only what you allow them to be.

It is also, I believe, a source of synchronicity, that energy that brings disconnected things and experiences together in the physical realm and let’s us know that we are on the right track. As I said in the preceding blog, my students often came back to tell me that they had “happened upon” physical objects that they had first encountered within the Creativity Closet they had explored within the original classroom exercise.

One of the rooms, I explored, was filled with Tarot decks of different sizes and shapes, each with different images and creative expressions of those classic archetypal energies. That wasn’t a surprise to me as I had already begun using those images for self-exploration, rather than divination.

Within only a few days of that imaginary experience, I was at the new/used bookstore I managed, and a woman brought in a box of books she wanted to sell. Nestled at the bottom of the box was a boxed set of Tarot cards. It was done in Native American imagery (a deeply personal fascination), and intended for, or aimed at, the feminine gender. But the best part was that these cards had obviously never been used and were done in black and white, leaving them to be colored by the individual owner. Of course, I bought the lady’s books and took the Tarot cards home for myself. Oh, it also included a large book of explanations for each of the cards.

A much more recent example of this happened as I was writing this blog. I have recently been able to start thinking about going to the local University for classes. I can audit them as I am an alumni of the University and have wanted to do that for two years, but have not had the transportation necessary to accomplish it. That hurdle will be met within the coming week.

This morning as I was sitting here writing, I recieved two phone calls. Both were wrong numbers. The first, was a woman wanting information about continuing education classes. The second one, about forty-five minutes later, was a recording from the Continuing Education Dept. telling me the number I had to call to get the information I was seeking, lol. I haven’t requested any such information, but I certainly believe I am on the right track.


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