Singing A New Song?

In response to Claudette’s weekly writing challenge #7: Song.

Now that I have finished the 101 list of things about myself, I want to take the time to make some comments about the actual doing of it. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I thought I would get to #50 something and run out of steam. That wasn’t the case at all. The hard part was choosing which things I would put in, and which ones might be best to leave out.

If I had been doing the exercise in my journal, it might have gone differently. I’m sure there would have been other things on the list, and the list might have been a great deal longer (aren’t you glad I stuck to the limit). Not many of us want to take off our clothes in public, although I do know that some seem to be able to do so with ease. Sometimes I admire, even envy that outlook, but then there are times when I think there is a great deal to be said for privacy.

What I did find interesting was the synchronicity that fueled what went into the list. Each portion of the list was dictated, to some extent, by the things that were happening to and around me. That happens a lot in my journal writing, but it became hard to miss it in this more public arena.

Synchronicity is how I can see that I am in the right place, doing the right thing for me, personally. When it is absent, I get worried that I have gone off on a tangent and might lose my way. So, when things began to rapidly connect and go smoothly with the actual doing of the list, I sort of relaxed and began to enjoy it.

And of course, that is precisely when I started getting signals that it was time to start singing another song. Some of that was incorporated into the list itself (especially the portions about following the signs and symbols, and the one on bravery). It became apparent that I was being led toward a new endeavor, and to be perfectly honest, I simply dug in my heels and said, “Whoa! I don’t think I really want to do that.”

I began to list all of my objections, and although somewhat reasonable, they weren’t all that convincing, lol. That bit of resistance (bit, did I say?), cost me a couple of days of depression, as well as colors that wouldn’t speak to me or one another. Just another signal I wanted to ignore but couldn’t because it was curtailing my own personal pleasure in what I do. Ahhh, the messes we so easily make.

What this all comes down to is that I have created and posted to a new blog. Yes, another one. This one is called Intuitive Paths: Following the Signs and Symbols, and can be found at

I will continue to post here concerning writing, especially journal writing and staying with it, as well as posting to my poetry site, but the subject matter at the new site will be things concerned with enhancing and developing stronger intuitive skills and abilities. In other words, I will be adding an old (to me), but new song to my schedule of blogging interests.

In the 101 list, I mentioned that I am an abuse survivor. People survive because they become intensely alert and aware of their surroundings and the potential for danger or harm. That is an intuitive skill which one can read about in Gavin DeBecker’s The Gift of Fear. We do get signals from our surroundings constantly, but we often ignore them or fail to realize what they might mean. That is true when it comes to danger, but can also be applied to normal everyday life.

Our world is filled with signs and symbols. We encounter them on a daily ongoing basis. But, they do us no good if we haven’t taken the time to learn that symbolic language and how it might pertain to our own person. Intuition works on rapid connective links. But we must provide the links. When we are in fear of danger or harm, we learn rapidly, because we can’t survive unless we do. Taking the time to learn some of the symbolic language that surrounds us constantly creates new connective links. Ones that pertain to our individual paths and journeys.

Some of the paths I have used are Dream Work, Body Language (have you watched the new series Lie to Me), Mythology in all of its forms, The Tarot (for self-exploration, not divination), Archetypes, and several other things. I find Symbolism fascinating and rewarding in exploring my own experiences, often finding deeper and more concrete understanding in the process. Those are the topics I intend to explore on this new site.

They were also an integral part of the signs and symbols that led me to the decision to do such a thing. They were there in the 101 list as I wrote it. Things that only I would know and recognize, pay attention to, and connect with. I would encourage  each of you to do a 101 list just for that reason alone. I don’t mean on a blog necessarily, but in the privacy of your journal for sure.

We can only ever know our own person. But, by knowing that, we are opened to knowing others. We can not really know everything there is to know, and that is true about ourselves as well. Each moment is new, yet connected to all the other moments, both past and future. When you think of it that way, how important could a 101 list be to advancing your understanding? Who knows, you might find out you have more than one song to sing, more than just one note to add to the chorus of life?


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2 Responses to Singing A New Song?

  1. diddums says:

    That is an idea, it would change the rhythm of my journal, which would be a nice change. I found when I was typing my older journal that I only really woke up when I said something I wasn’t expecting! (That sounds so silly, put that way…)


  2. 1sojournal says:

    Lol, not silly at all. It’s kind of neat when we can actually startle ourselves with our own thoughts, even if they are in the past. I would think that would suggest that we may still have a few surprises in us yet. And that is comforting, as well as something to look forward to.

    Actually, I find that when I go back in my archives here. Some of the things I have written amaze me, even show me different things to look at, and ways of seeing things. I am hoping that means I am succeeding at my goal of keeping my mind actively involved in the life in me and all around me.



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