A Few Negatives in The 101


Number eight on my 101 list of things about me states that I am opinionated. So far, I have kept my list on the positive side of things, or at least attempted to do that. Today, I’m going to list a few things I dislike, or that I find wrong with my world.

42. I do not like or appreciate stereotypical generalities. I have a tendency to react to them when they are offered as some sort of proof or support for an argument, especially about individuals. Using someone’s age, gender, skin-color, or circumstances as proof of a negative judgment raises the hackles on the back of my neck. I usually will set out to prove just the opposite, if I can, and I often do. I really dislike it when it is used as a quasi-form of witticism. This is, for me, stupidity and ignorance, and there is nothing funny about it.

43. I really hate the fact that my circumstances do not allow me to have a vehicle of my own. My independence is threatened by that reality and it doesn’t sit well at any time.

44. Although I love to go fishing, I do not like the taste of fish. I do enjoy a good fish fry periodically, but fish is not a part of my regular diet. My father used to tell me, especially while we were cleaning perch after fishing all day, that eventually I would grow to enjoy and love this one of his favorites. Sorry Dad, it hasn’t happened yet.

45. I thoroughly enjoy finding the reasons for why things are the way they are. I have yet to find one good one for childhood sexual abuse. I hope I never do.

46. I hate the silence attached to certain subjects, such as that in #45. Yes, I understand the discomfort of knowing that reality, but the silence that often is attached to it is a punishment of the victim. A wounding burden that sometimes completely overshadows the particulars, and does so for years.

47. I really don’t much like the color pink. I think that is because, for me, it speaks of tenderness and vulnerability. That only means I am trying to confront it as I do the coloring I enjoy so much. It’s hard work.

48. I really dislike people who refuse to take responsibility for their own actions and choices, thus making their comfort and happiness the responsibility of others. I call them crazymakers.

49. Which means, in turn, that I have a problem with individuals who refuse to confront their own reality. I am speaking here of those who absolutely refuse to acknowledge the elephant taking up space in their living rooms.

50. I much prefer a positive attitude to a negative one. Which means I’ve had enough of this portion of my list for today.

I will continue my list, perhaps sprinkling in a negative here or there. It is proving to be an interesting exercise. Not sure anyone else is getting anything out of this, but I am certainly doing so.

At first I was intimidated by that number 101. In college, a 101 course is the very beginning level of a subject. One usually doesn’t get to the real meat of the topic until the 200 level, and above. By then, one is familiar with the jargon, all the basic concepts, and is able to hopefully converse in a knowledgeable manner on different levels concerning the subject matter. One should, by then, be able to question, as well as prove support for ones opinions about it.

I think it might be far more profitable to have a 101 course on self. I can see it now, an entire semester devoted to finding 101 things about ones own person that remain constant and true over time. OOOPPPPPPPPPs! I think we are back at the beginning again. That could very well be seen as keeping a journal.


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