The Second Twenty Percent


On my last blog, I started a list of 101 things about me. When I came here this morning I had lots of ideas, but nothing concrete. So, I will continue my list.

21. I am a very intense sort of person. When I am interested, you have my full undivided attention. That also means that when I’m ‘into’ something, I might not respond or even hear my name being called. My older sister once told me that she envies that quality about me. That I often bite off more than I can chew and when I find that it’s too much, I simply spit it out and go find something else to sink my teeth into.

22. I used to paint. We lived in an old five bedroom, two story farm house out in the county. I took over an upstairs bedroom and my husband built me an easel. I wasn’t very good at it because I had little training, but figured I would learn as I went along. And although I was focused for a time, I also had four children running loose and couldn’t keep track of them while doing the painting.

23. Which is one of the reasons I love the coloring I started doing some months ago. I get to enjoy all the fun of choosing the colors, watching the design come alive under my fingers, but none of the hassle and work of figuring it all out from scratch, especially placement.

24. Although I am a good listener, I am definitely a visual person. Instructions, without pictures, usually are wasted on me. I need to “see” what you mean before I fully comprehend.

25. Dogs and other animals love me and I, them. I have had incredible experiences with both domesticated and wild creatures. I speak to them and believe that, on occasion, they speak to me.

26. I make the best raspberry pie. Got the recipe from my grandmother, and like her had an entire raspberry patch in my yard. I loved to go out there early in the morning with my tri-colored collie and watch as he barked once and all the little black birds would rise up in a cloud of beating wings. He loved it too and was always pleased at the amount of power he wielded.

27. I am a fairly good, but lazy cook. Which means when I make homemade pasties, I buy the already made and rolled dough for the crust.

28. I love wooden boxes and decorative tins. I think that might have to do with my pack rat issues, or my need to keep things contained in some fashion. Not so much ordered, as given a place to belong.

29. Although I love jewelry, I seldom wear it. I do wear a small silver ring on the pinkie of my right hand. It is the face of an owl and my daughter gave it to me when she was about 13 or 14. She just turned 30. My nephew gave me a beautiful ring for Christmas a couple of years ago. It also is silver and has blue stones in it. Those are the only pieces of  jewelry I wear on a daily basis.

30. I really miss my fat lady clothes. I have never thought of myself as a clothes horse type person, and yet, now that I’ve lost so much weight, I am reluctant to go shopping for new ones.

31. Casual dresser, that’s me. I really like feeling comfortable. I have not worn a dress in over twenty years, even at my children’s weddings.

32. I learned how to ice skate because I could sing. We lived across the street from a city park that provided an ice rink every winter. I would go with my siblings, put on my skates, stand up and someone would grab my hand and ask me to sing one of the current popular songs, pulling me around the rink as I did so. Some of my older brother’s friends would give me a nickel if I sang certain songs. Ahhhh, if only they had had American Idol back then.

33. But then, I wouldn’t be a writer, a poet, and a blogger. There is always something to be said about timing.

34. I have a steel pin/plate in my head from a car accident when I was four years old. The scar on the left side of my head has shaped me in ways nothing else could have. It is u-shaped and shelters my ear and I now see it as a symbol, a gift from the Universe that set me apart for particular purposes and reasons.

35. I use a cane on those days when I feel a bit unsteady, but haven’t needed it much since the weight loss. It hangs on the door knob at the entrance of my apartment. I think some people think its no more than a weird aspect of my interior decorating skills, or lack there of.

36. College was one of the best experiences of my life. I started when I was 37 years old and it took me seven years to complete my four year degree. I was still raising children at the time, and also working.

37. I did two majors in college, one in History and the other in English. I also did a minor in Women’s Studies. It was the first time in my life that I was told I had a fine mind and had been whole-heartedly given permission to use it in whatever manner I chose.

38. One of my deepest desires is to go on learning until the moment of my death, and hopefully beyond it.

39. I have a very strong spiritual belief system, but am not religious.

40. I finished another tub of ice cream last night (not in one sitting), so am still looking for people with leftovers.


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3 Responses to The Second Twenty Percent

  1. diddums says:

    We might have ice cream in our fridge, maybe pecan nut! You just missed the cream horns… they were rather fine. Mum said the cream went all the way to the bottom.

    I’m like you on points 21 and 24. When Mum can’t hear something that I say to her, she might say “spell it out” and I have to say out loud “H, A, I, R, Y!”
    And she’ll immediately say “oh yes, hairy.”
    That always amazes me, as I’m far less confident about it.

    28, not so much… I leave boxes empty too often, and so they come to mean ‘wasted space’ around here… cold and damp wasted space, sometimes! I quite like small purses as they are soft, warm, and protective to the little things in drawers.

    I try to have ice cream in the freezer at all times. You never know when you’ll need it, lol. I know that my intensity sometimes puts people off, scares them on some level, or they simply can’t relate to it. The small boxes have lots of odds and ends in them. Nothing really valuable or even important. I like the boxes so put stuff in them, but seldom think about the contents unless I go snooping in the boxes. I do forget where I put things on occasion. That’s not an age thing, its a ‘life’ thing, lol.

    Thanks for the comments,



  2. luvmoons says:

    Enjoyed your post. Once again, interesting stuff you shared!


  3. 1sojournal says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. And I’m getting curious about what you found interesting.



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