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A couple of days ago, I was on someone else’s site and once again found a sidebar page that was titled Twenty Things About Me. I always read those because I find them interesting as well as informative. At one point, I found one that said, 101 Things About Me. Found that number somewhat intimidating, but also envied the individual the courage to do such a thing.

Decided I would do a 101 list in increments and today will be the first twenty. I have not prewritten any of this, haven’t even thought about it until this moment. So here goes:

1. I take my name very seriously. I do not like being called Liz under any circumstances. I chose to be Elizabeth as an adult, after being called Betty as a child. I did that for very good reasons that have to do with definitions. A  shortened version of my name narrows that definition, considerably.

2. I love words and writing. That should be obvious to anyone who comes here, but sometimes it is best to state the obvious.

3. I have made it one of my purposes to encourage others to write. I truly believe it is one of the healthiest and cheapest forms of therapy available. Besides, I really don’t want to be doing this alone. It’s a good idea to also state ones ulterior motives in order to lessen shock value later on.

4. I love Chocolate. Milk chocolate to be exact, and especially when it is crossed in any form with caramel, nuts (especially pecans), or coconut.

5. I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, which makes number 4 a true tragedy, but one that I have found is still workable in moderation.

6. I believe in the subconscious mind, as well as the collective unconscious. I have spent a great deal of my existence exploring both and find them paths to untold and incredibly rewarding adventures.

7. Because of number 6, I believe in the deep value of symbolism, mythology, dream work, story (written or spoken), connective links between all things, and several other areas that don’t necessarily have a mainstream value with the majority of people. I also believe in the necessity of building bridges.

8. I am opinionated, but also a good listener. I have been known to change my mind and am willing to admit when I’ve gotten it all wrong.

9. I think that laughter is the best healing medicine the human race owns. Used regularly, it ranks right up there with apples, but is also readily available and still free out of season.

10. One of the things I look for in others is the ability to laugh at self. That is far more telling than all the knowledge of a lifetime. That, for me, is true wisdom.

11. I have seven grandchildren, 3 grandsons, and 4 granddaughters. One I have never met, and another who is a stepchild from a former relationship. I love them all and miss them. They are each incredible individuals with tremendous potential.

12. I love going for long drives to nowhere, committing gluttony of the eye, and fishing. Not in that particular order, and they are even better when they are engaged in spontaneously.

13. I am of Native American descent on my Mother’s side and truly recognize the kinship we humans share with all living things. I also have totem animals and even believe they speak to me when I listen.

14. Music is, and always has been, an integral part of my existence. I am drawn by song lyrics that speak to me of my own experience, and my tastes are somewhat eclectic, ranging from country to funky instrumentals.

15. Writing poetry is a natural part of breathing.

16. I am fairly new to blogging and it is still a strange new world I am exploring and loving. I hope that continues.

17. I have an incredible number of friends, both online and in real time. They encourage and support me, and I reciprocate in kind. I have a tendency to view these relationships as a secret hidden treasure that I horde, defend, and protect jealously.

18. Although I am open to new things, I have to consider my physical capabilities which have decreased with the passing of the years. That only means I am willing to make adjustments and do, quite often.

19. I dread the idea of ever being confined to a wheelchair because it will inevitably narrow my choices considerably. On the other hand, one of the funniest experiences I have had was when a friend was propelling me through the doors of an elevator, in a wheelchair, and managed to get me in the chair, stuck in the closing doors. Another friend simply walked away refusing to admit any connection with either of us as we laughed uproariously and made a public spectacle to boot.

20. I love ice cream, especially the varieties that have a ribbon of fudge or caramel running through them. Because of that particular passion, I have an inordinate number of clean plastic tubs, with covers, in my kitchen cupboards. Do you have leftovers? I have a container for you, do you want to be my friend?


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Loves words and language. Dances on paper to her own inner music. Loves to share and keeps several blogs to facilitate that. They can be found here: https://1sojournal.wordpress.com/ http://soulsmusic.wordpress.com/ http://claudetteellinger.wordpress.com/
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5 Responses to A Partial List

  1. diddums says:

    This is a good list; I’m enjoying this. I don’t like sweet things as much as I used to, though I golluped up most of a chocolate orange the other day… I wasn’t feeling well and got it into my head it would make me feel better. I think it did.

    I hope you will keep blogging. Sometimes I have downspells, but I usually get back to it. It’s as though I can only put my energies into one thing at a time, and sometimes blogging is at the front, and sometimes it’s on pause. Right now, it’s all about pictures!


  2. 1sojournal says:

    I don’t intend to quit any time soon. I really am enjoying it and of course, all the writing. I do love my coloring images as well, and split my time between the two. So, I understand about the pictures.

    I know that these lists usually go on a sidebar page as an about thing, but the 101 was still intimidating and I thought this would be easier, and far more focused.It was. The 101 doesn’t sound anywhere near as horrendous as it did, lol. Don’t know if I’ll do another twenty immediately, but think I’ll work that out in my own time.

    Sweet things are a difficulty for me. They always have been. Went shopping with my sister today and got in on the tail end of the half price chocolate sale. Really good thing I didn’t have a lot of money. It was funny though. We were in the half price candy sale aisle and turned around to find the other entire aisle of Easter sweets staring us in the face. It was really difficult to walk away from the creme orange chocolate eggs, so I know exactly what you mean. I sighed and reminded myself that the day after Easter is still out there waiting for me, lol.

    Thanks for the comments, my friend, and you didn’t even need one of my plastic tubs.



  3. 1sojournal says:

    You might want to check out this poem about winter, a very different perspective:


    Let me know what you think,



  4. luvmoons says:

    Great list Elizabeth! So much more detailed in thought than my list was! Enjoyed finding out about you!


  5. 1sojournal says:

    I do hope you found something interesting in all of that, and are you sure you don’t need any plastic tubs?



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