Sit, Walk, Run, and Fly


I had a very busy day yesterday. Was out and about for the majority of it, which is quite unusual for this quasi-hermit. Started out with an unexpected chat with the friend I spoke of in my last post. She was watching the inaugral hoopla and giving me blow by blows of all the television images she was watching. Of course, we made comments.

Then it was a doctor’s appointment with a very pleased, smiling, and congratulatory physician who seemed utterly grateful to have a patient who actually listened and did what was suggested. She kept patting my arm or shoulder and telling me how proud she was of what I had accomplished. It was quite nice to know that I had made her day with all test results in the “good” zone, a hefty weight loss, and everything under control.

Next was a spontaneous lunch with my younger sister who was delivering a chair from my Mother. We went to an old stand-by place from our teenage years and found our brother sitting at the counter having lunch by himself.  He lives in a small town about 45 miles from the city we both inhabit. We laughed and chatted for an hour. Then back here to bring in the chair and more quiet visiting.

After she left, I took a well-needed nap, only to be awakened by a phone call from my nephew who was on his way over to get me so that we could go shopping for a television converter box. We only had to go to three places before we were able to purchase the necessary object. We came back here and caught up on one another’s recent activities. He gave me a great idea for showcasing some of the images I’ve been working on.

Finally got back to my computer after a very busy day in which it felt like I’d been moving constantly, at one pace or another. Immediately found an email from my other sister with a link enclosed. Brief message, and just the link. I started to watch and was inturrupted by a phone call, and then another. Never got back to the link.

Throughout the day, I had only been able to catch glimpses of our new President and all the celebrations in his honor. Also heard and participated in several conversations about just that and all the hopes and fears related to our present situation. It was as if you could hear and see people taking in a big breath, one filled with hope, but also the knowledge that there would be many adjustments to be made in the coming months and years. A breath taken in preparation for whatever action might be called for in the coming days.

Never did get back to the link. Got caught up in my own little world of words and color and then went to bed. Wrote a more detailed account of all of this in my journal this morning, then remembered the link and went there to finally watch and listen. My sister had only written one short note in the email and that was that she thought this was appropriate for this day’s doings. She was right about that in so many ways. The link is:

First we must sit up, before we can stand and walk. Once we learn how to walk, we can then run. Can we fly? Yes, we can. But only if we believe, see ourselves doing that, can we do so. It is a learning process, done one step at a time, just as the song in the video describes. One we have all participated in during our lifetimes.

As though the Universe wanted to make sure I understood that clearly, my day was filled with just that process. Sitting at the computer, walking into the doctor’s office, the restaurant, the three different stores. Running around (not as fast as formerly, I assure you), and emotionally flying after the doctor’s visit and the surprise of running into my brother and the chance to laugh and talk with him.

Flying, as the video suggests, needs both trust and support. It is possible, but one must trust that there will be arms outstretched to catch you on the way down. None of my day could possibly have taken place without those two ingredients. Trust that others would follow through as promised so I could get where I needed to be going, and the support of others both expected and not. Trust on their part that I would likewise follow through and also give them the needed support they desired or not, but got anyway.

We have a new President. He, and we, have an opportunity to learn how to fly. Are you taking that deep breath of preparation? Are you ready?


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