It’s Thanksgiving today. And across the nation, people will be gathering in small and large groups to feast on whatever has been prepared. I hope you have a nice day, filled with laughter, warm hugs, and great food. For those of you who might be alone, I wish you a bit of the same. Find something that will make you smile, even laugh out loud. There are tons of videos on the Internet to fuel such an experience. If you have no one to talk with, write a letter to someone who gave you something important in the past. Thank them for that and explain what it really meant to you. Turn on some music and dance. Make yourself a special feast. You are worth it.

For many of us, this day means getting outside our normal comfort zone. It often entails people we don’t normally see, and lots of memories, both good and bad. Let yourself drift through that, and be grateful for the good ones, while finding something to laugh about in the bad ones. There is usually some bit of oddity to turn into humor, even in those bad moments. While the kids are running around, yelling or screaming, remember that, at one point, that was you. Did you need a hug back then? Then be the one to give it now. Tell a story from the past, children listen. Sing an old song. Enjoy.

If you go expecting bad things and discomfort, that’s exactly what you’ll find. If you go with a light heart, hope and expectations, you may be that for another. Whatever you do, wherever you are, this day will be a good one, if that is what you truly desire it to be. There will be mistakes, accidents, maybe even chaotic disorganization. It’s one day. Only one, and it will be much better if you smile. So smile and be grateful for whatever you have, and are, in this moment.

Have a wonderful day, and may you be blessed,



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